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One of the most popular services is reel repair and reconditioning. Reels are repaired for only $20.00 - $35.00 (depending on model) plus the cost of parts. Bayside stocks thousands of parts for Penn, Shimano, and Diawa reels. A large supply of common parts are kept on hand for most other reels also. New items are in house tested before being offered to our customers. One such item is a product called Total Drag, this is a replacement drag system for most reels. It provides smooth line release even after it has been abused and smoked by large fish. Bayside will be offering the change over service as well as the drag kits themselves.

Fishing is a demanding sport and it takes it toll on you and your equipment. Bayside can't fix you but it can repair your rods and reels Fast turn around is always our goal, we want you out fishing so we work as fast as we can. 

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