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April 17
The Salmon fishing was the same with some catching and some not. The best scores were around 36'50/122'04 to 36'50/122'00. There were some limits caught near 36'51/121'59. The fish are being caught 100-220 feet down. Bait has been the best bet for the Salmon!

April 16
The fishing is still about the same with some catching and others struggling. The best area I heard of was the east and west edges of the Soquel Hole. Most anglers fished around 36'51/122'00 up to 36'50/122'04. The were a few fish caught near Moss Landing at 36'46/121'51 and 36'47/121'52. The wind was up in the morning early but it mellowed out after the sun came up. The wind was not as bad as predicted! Watch out for the Crab pots out there and don't cut the buoys off.

April 15
The bite was good for the anglers who were able to avoid the crab pots and fish near the bottom. The anglers caught fish around 36'50/122'00, 36'51/121'58, 36'51/122'02, and 36'51/121'59. There were some boats who did decent from Moss Landing around 36'46/121'52. The fish are still staying close to the bottom so fish from 110-250 feet down. The wind stayed down until noon.

April 14
The bite for Salmon was the decent for most anglers who worked both sides of the Soquel Hole. The fish are being caught around 36'51/122'01 to 36'50/122'04. there were some other anglers who caught some fish at 36'51/121'57 and 36'51/121'59. The Salmon are still being caught 110-220 feet down but there were a few fish caught 60-90 feet down. The wind stayed down all morning and into the early afternoon. The fish are still being caught with the Blue Kajikis, Purple Haze hoochies, Watermelon Apexes, and the Stinky Pinky. There have been a few halibut caught near Capitola and the Mile Buoy. The full moon has brought some Sea Bass into the mix from Capitola to Pajaro!

April 13
The Salmon continue to be caught on the east and west edge of the Soquel Hole. There were a few anglers who caught limits up near 36'51/122'02 and 36'48/122'00. The other anglers caught some limits near 36'51/121'59 and 36'49/121'52. The bite is still a little scattered but once you find a area keep working it hard. The bite was a little later in the day for some anglers wich may be due to the full moon. The wind stayed down all day and some anglers fished past 3:00. The wind is expected to come up on Tuesday so Monday morning should still be good.

April 12
The bite for Salmon was the same for most today and it did not matter if you were at the Soquel Hole, 3 Trees, or Moss Landing. There were some anglers with early limits and others with 0-4 fish. There were some decent scores at the tip of the Soquel Hole and on the West edge of the Soquel Hole. There were other anglers who found some fish from 36'50/122'01 to 36'49/122'06. The boats near Moss Landing had some luck around 36'46/121'52. The fish seemed to be scattered you just need to find a school and keep working the area. The area near Marina had some limits as well. The majority of the fish were caught from 110-220 feet down. The Chrome Krippled Anchovies, Green F.B.R.'s, Purple Haze Kajikis, Blue Kajikis, and Gold Tom Mack worked well today. The wind stayed all day long and some boats fished all day. There have been a few Halibut caught near the Mile Buoy and Capitola.

April 11
The Salmon bite remains the same with some anglers catching limits and some catching a few. There were some limits caught at the Sequel Hole around 36'52/121'58 and 36'51/121'57. The anglers at Moss Landing did about the same around 36'46/121'51 and 36'46/121'52. The fish were caught from 75-200 feet down but most of the fish were deep. The weather was nice today and it looks like Saturday is going to be a great day to fish the Soquel Hole.

April 10
The Salmon fishing was the same today with some anglers catching limits and some catching 1-4 fish. I fished today around 36'46/121'52 and had limits by 9:30. We used Glow Green Krippled Anchovies and Irish Flag Hot Spots and Blue Kajikis with the U.V. Hotspot. The fish were caught 180-210 feet down. There were other boats who caught some limits at 36'51/121'59, and 36'51/121'55. There was a bite near Mulligan's but it was not wide open. The wind stayed down all morning and things are going to stay the same until Sunday.

April 9
The Salmon bite continues to be good for most and slow for some. The Salmon are still being caught in the same general area around Moss Landing. The best numbers we heard today were around 36'46/121'51, 36'48/121'53, 36'49/121'55, 36'46/121'52, and 36'47/121'52. The Salmon are still being caught from 150-220 feet down. The fish are biting well on Krippled Anchovies, Green Kajikis, Purple Haze Hoochies, and F.B.R.'s. The wind stayed down all morning and things look good for the weekend. There are fish around the Soquel Hole but most of them are being caught deep. The majority of boats are staying near Moss Landing so the Santa Cruz reports are hard to come by. There were a few Halibut caught in Capitola today. There are big schools of Sardines near the Cement Ship and a sprinkle of Squid here and there.

April 8
The fishing for Salmon continues to be good but today the bite slowed down after the morning. There were a few boats who fished near the Soquel Hole in the morning but did not find many fish. The majority of the boats fished near Moss Landing due to recent reports. The boats who were on the water early did the best near 36'47/121'52, 36'48/121'54, 36'46/121'53, and 36'47/121'50. The Salmon continue to be caught near the bottom in 220-500 feet of water. The most consistent depths have been from 150-230 feet down. The wind was down in the morning but it did pick up some in the afternoon. There were a few boats who worked near Pajaro and caught a few fish. The bite was slower today but there were some limits and some who had a hard time.

April 7
The Salmon continue to bite here in the Monterey Bay. There were early limits reported from the same area near Moss Landing. The fish are staying deep in 250-500 feet of water. The Salmon are being caught 130-220 feet down. There have been a few fish caught 30-80 feet down. There were only a few boats working the west edge of the Soquel Hole. The boats who were able to get down to the fish caught their limits. The fish on the Santa Cruz side were being caught 170-200 feet down. The boats who fished here had a harder time getting limits quick in the morning. The quick limits are still coming from the Moss Landing area. The winds are staying down so come fishing. The Santa Cruz Harbor has been easy to launch from and I have been hearing that boaters have been parking on Highway 1.

April 6
The Salmon bite was great today for the anglers who worked the area near Moss Landing. There were some early limits today in the same area around 36'49/121'52 and 36'47/121'50. There were some boats who did decent on the west edge of the Soquel Hole at 36'51/122'04 and 36'51/122'01. The Salmon are still being caught from 100-200 feet down. The anglers are trolling bait with Krippled Anchovies, F.B.R.'s, R.S.K.'s and Krippled Herring. The Purple Haze Hoochies, Stinky Pinky, Blue Kajikis, and Glow Green Frog Hoochies are working well down deep. The bite has been early in the morning but there are boats still catching fish at 2:00. The wind stayed down and this week looks good!
The Salmon season opened up today and the weather was not as bad as people expected. There are a few boats who caught a few fish up the coast near 36'52/122'03. The majority of boats are doing well from 36'47/121'50 to 36'49/121'55. There have been some early limits reported and the Checkmate had 31 fish by 8:45. The weather is expected to get better all week. There were some limits caught by anglers who fished from 36'51/122'02 and 36'51/121'59. The fish in that area were caught 160-220 feet down. The fish near Moss Landing were caught 80-200 feet down.
March 29
The anglers who have been trying for Sand dabs are still having good luck in 180-250 feet of water near the Soquel Hole. There have been some nice incidental Salmon that have been caught and released in the same area. There have been some Halibut caught in Capitola and near the Mile Buoy in Santa Cruz. The Monterey Bay is full of Anchovies and small Squid so we should have a great opener. Be sure to get your reels spooled up and your gear ready before Saturday. The season is a week away from today. The size limit is 24 inches for the King Salmon to start. There may be some changes to the regulations after the P.F.M.C. meeting in mid April. 
March 11
The Salmon season is going to open April 5 unless the meeting going on this month change the opener. There is a bunch of Anchovies and Squid in the bay on the east edge of the Soquel Hole. The Sand dab and Crab fishing has been great in 180 to 220 feet of water. The winds have died down with the swell. Come get ready for the Salmon and Halibut season and get your license!
Feb. 15
The inshore fishing has been great for San dabs and Crabs. The best action is coming from the east edge of the Soquel Hole in 170-230 feet of water. The wind and swells are down so come enjoy it. The Surf Perch are keeping anglers busy with nice scores of fish. The anglers are having the best luck near Manresa and Aptos. The sliding sinker and Motor Oil Kalins Grub. There was a 30 pound Halibut caught near Capitola on a Fish Trap so the calm weather may be starting a early Halibut bite! The Sand Crab Classic is set for March 8 2014 so come by and get your gear and entry form here at Bayside Marine.  Jan. 30
The fishing remains good for Sandabs and Crabs here in Santa Cruz. The Perch fishing has been getting better on the beaches down near Aptos. 
I have been gone fishing with my Dad in Mexico. We fished on The Fish Magnet with Ed, Dan, Tony, Palomino, and my Dad. We had a great trip and caught some big Yellow fin Tuna and Thresher Sharks. Enjoy the pictures. 
Dec. 30
The Lingcod and Rock fish continue to bite here from South Rock to Davenport. The Crab fishing is good for some and slow for others. The wind is still down and the fishing is good. Tomorrow is the last day to fish for Rock fish and Lingcod! 
open until the end of the year. 

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