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April 24
There were only a few boats out today and there was not much to report. I heard of one 20 pound Salmon caught at 36'41/121'51. The anglers that look for Rock fish did well on the west side of Santa Cruz. The wind blew most anglers off the water early. The wind is expected to come down but there may be some rain in the morning. Sunday the weather is expected to be calm!

April 23
The amount of boats out today makes it hard to get a good report. There were a few boats that I spoke to who had 1-2 fish around the edge of the Soquel Hole. There numbers were 36'51/121'58 and 36'50/122'00. The winds were down but there was a small swell. The Rock fishing was good up the coast near 4 Mile beach. We should have a better report by the end of this week if the rain does not blow us out.

April 22
There were only a few boats fishing for Salmon today so the reports were not plentiful. There were scores ranging from 0-2 fish that I heard of. One boat had 2 fish at 36'52/122'02 and another had 2 fish at 36'52/121'58. The fish were caught 70-150 feet down. There was only one boat near Moss Landing that I heard from and they did not have any luck. THe Lingcod bite was decent near South Rock. The wind was up in the morning but it was fishable. The winds are expected to be down Thursday morning but there may be some wind in the afternoon.

April 21
The fishing today for Salmon was slow today but there were a few lucky anglers. The best score I heard of was 3 Salmon on one boat who fished the inside edge of the Soquel Hole. The numbers were 36'52/121'58 in 200 feet of water. The Salmon were caught 50-150 feet down. The angler was using Purple Haze Hoochies and Krippled Anchovies. There were a few other boats who caught 0-1 Salmon near the Soquel Hole. I did hear of a few fish near 36'41/121'51. The Rock fishing was good near Natural Bridges. The wind was down all day but there was a little swell. The cold front may have shut down the bite.

April 20
The Salmon bite was decent for some and slow for other anglers who fished the Soquel Hole. There were scores from 1-4 fish a boat. The anglers were fishing in 280-320 feet of water on both sides of the Soquel Hole. The Salmon are being caught 60-150 feet down and there were a few fish caught 10-20 feet down. The area near Soldiers Club slowed down and the best bet was the Soquel Hole. The wind stayed down all day and the bite did pick up for some anglers from 11:00-2:00. The Rock fishing was slower near South Rock but some anglers did have some luck near Davenport.

April 19
The bite was slow today near Soldiers and Pajaro. There were a few boats who caught 0-3 fish trolling in 110-170 feet of water. The anglers fished around 36'41/121'52 and 36'52/121'54. The few fish were caught 60-90 feet down and some anglers did best on the bottom. The Soquel Hole area has a school of Salmon swimming around but there has been very little pressure. Today a few boats fished from 36'50/122'01 to 36'50/121'58 and caught good scores of Salmon. There are a few boats who just caught limits in a hour. There is a 6 pack boat in the area loading up the Salmon as well. The Salmon are being caught 30-75 feet down at the Soquel Hole. Anglers are having good luck on Gold Tom Mack Spoons, U.V. Krippled Anchovies, Watermelon Krippled Anchovies, and Green R.S.K.'s. The weather is calm and there are a few boats going out for the afternoon bite! The Rock fishing was decent near Natural Bridges. The Lingcod continue to bite near South Rock and 4 Mile beach. The weather is expected to stay down for a few days so come fishing!

April 18
The Salmon bite was slower today for the anglers fishing around Mulligan Hill. There were a few fish caught in 180-220 feet at 36'44/121'51. The scores ranged from 0-4 fish a boat if you stayed out all day. There were a few boats at 36'52/121'53 in the afternoon that found some fish in 95 feet of water. Most of the Salmon were caught near the bottom today. The wind was not bad until 1:00. The Rock fishing was good near Natural Bridges and 4 Mile Beach. We hope to hear of some more fish Sunday. The Salmon may have been off the bite due to the fact they were feeding heavily yesterday.

April 17
The Salmon bite went off today near 36'41/121'51. There were limits on a good amount of boats fishing in 160-180 feet of water. The Salmon are being caught 80-150 feet down. The anglers who fished from Capitola to Pajaro had 0-4 fish in 120-150 feet of water. The wind was down all day until noon. The Lingcod and Rock fishing is still going good near Natural Bridges.

April 16
The Salmon bite was good for some of the anglers who fished near Manresa Beach. The scores ranged from 0-6 fish a boat around 36'52/121'54. There was one boat who had his four fish in 45 minutes trolling 30-60 feet down. The anglers are having the best luck trolling Watermelon Krippled Anchovies and White Krocodiles. The area near 36'41/121/51 produced some limits on the other side of the bay. The Rock fishing was decent but the Lingcod bite was good. There was no wind today until the afternoon and it looks good for Friday. There is a swell expected to come in Friday so Salmon fishing may be better then Rock fishing.

April 15
The bite was the same today with some anglers catching a few fish near Capitola and Manresa. The scores ranged from 0-3 fish a boat for the anglers who fished hard. The anglers are finding the fish in 100-120 feet of water and most are being caught near the bottom. There have ben a few fish caught near Mulligan's and in front of Moss Landing harbor. The wind was not bad until noon today and it is expected to be nice for the next few days. The Rock fishing and Lingcod bite continues to be good.

April 14
The Salmon fishing was good for a few boats who trolled near 36'52/121'54. The Salmon bite was slow out in front of Santa Cruz so the anglers went looking around. Gerry on Doble had 5 nice Salmon trolling in the 36'52/121'54 area. There were other boats who followed him into the same area and caught a few fish as well. There was one boat that I talked to who caught his limit at Mulligan's in 150 fet of water. He caught the fish trolling Krippled Anchovies 80 feet down. The wind was down this morning but it did pick up in the afternoon. The Lingcod fishing was great near South Rock and Natural Bridges.

April 13
There were a few boats who did well for Salmon first thing in the morning near Capitola. The area was at 36'55/121'58 in 90 feet of water. The Salmon were biting first thing in the morning for the trollers using Krippled Anchovies. The Salmon were caught 65-85 feet down. There were a few fish caught at 36'48/121'50 on the bottom. There are some big bait balls from the Mile Buoy to Pleasure Point in 70-909 feet of water where a few Salmon have been caught. There was a pressure change which may have effected the bite. The wind did not get bad until noon. The Lingcod fishing was good at Natural Bridges in 55 feet of water.

April 12
The Salmon bite remains the same for the anglers fishing from the Mile Buoy down to Manresa. The scores are ranging from 0-4 fish a boat. The area near 36'52/121'54 and 36'53/121'55 sounded to be the best today. The bite started to pick up in the afternoon when the tide changed and the wind picked up. There were some anglers who caught 1-4 fish near Mulligan Hill in the shallow water. The Salmon are being caught in 65-115 feet of water where you see the birds working. The Rock fishing was good up the coast along with Lingcod.

April 11
The Salmon fishing was hit and miss again for the anglers working the shallow water from Manresa to Pajaro. There were a few boats who caught their limits by trolling Gold Krippled Anchovies on the bottom in 80 feet of water. The majority of anglers caught a few fish trolling in 80-125 feet of water near Pajaro and around 36'52/121'56. There was one boat at the Soquel Hole who caught 3 nice Salmon. I only heard of a few Salmon caught near Davenport. There were a few decent scores of Salmon caught at Soldiers Club and near the green buoy near Moss Landing. The Rock fishing was best near South Rock and Natural Bridges. The wind stayed down until 3:00.

April 10
The Salmon fishing was slower near the Pajaro and Capitola area today but there were some anglers who caught some fish. The scores were ranging from 0-4 fish a boat. The best scores came from anglers who worked the areas outside of the fleet in 90-130 feet of water. The area near Pajaro produced the same results but some anglers mooched up some limits closer to Moss Landing. The Soldiers Club is still producing some decent scores of Salmon as well. The Salmon may be full since they have been feeding hard for the last few days. The Rock fishing was good near Ano Nuevo today. The anglers who fished Ano Nuevo caught big Lingcod and Rock fish and on the way back found big bird piles at Davenport. There is a god chance there are some Salmon near Davenport in 200-250 feet of water.

April 9
The Salmon are still on the bite near Manresa and Pajaro in 80-135 feet of water. There were some limits of up to 8 fish caught in that area today. The Salmon are feeding on Anchovies so the Gold and Green Krippled Anchovies have been working well. The Salmon are being caught near the bottom and on the bottom. There were some fish caught near Soldiers Club as well. The weather has been great with no wind until noon. The Rock fishing remains good on the west side of Santa Cruz.

April 8
The bite turned on today for Salmon between Capitola and Pajaro in 80-120 feet of water. There were some limits caught by anglers who were trolling near the bottom. The anglers had great luck on Krippled Anchovies, White Spoons, Red Krocodiles, and Watermelon Apexes. The wind was down all morning until non. The anglers near Soldiers Club did catch a few fish in 100-140 feet of water. There were a few Salmon caught in front of the harbor in 120 feet of water. Get out of the Canyon the Salmon are on the beach which is great for small boaters! The swell is dropping and the moon is fading so Rock fishing should get better.

April 7
The rain came in hard today and the southerly winds made the ocean ugly. The few boats who went out in the morning came back in. The few boats who waited for the storm to clear went out around 11:00. There were only a few fish caught near Soldiers Club. The Soquel Hole was quiet and I did not hear anyone trying the shallow water here. We hope to have a better report as the weather settles down these next few days.

April 6
The Salmon bite remains slow for most of the anglers fishing near the Soquel Hole. There were a few fish caught at the Soquel Hole in the morning. There were a few limits caught at Soldiers Club in the morning and around ten in the morning. There have been some nice fish caught in front of Santa Cruz and Capitola in 120-160 feet of water. There was one boat who had 3 fish at 36'53/121'56. The Salmon were caught in the shallow water near Soldiers Club as well. I have a feeling that there is a good amount of Salmon in 100-170 feet of water where all the bait has been. The Salmon were caught 50-130 fet down today. The Lingcod and Rock fishing was good for the anglers who worked South Rock and Natural Bridges with Big Hammers and Squid. The wind never blew hard today.

April 5
The bite was decent today near Pajaro and Soldiers Club today. The scores ranged from 1-6 fish a boat that I heard of. The best area I heard of was near 36'48/121'52. The Salmon are still being caught 40-90 feet down and there have been some caught 120-200 feet down. The winds were down all morning but there was a little wind near Santa Cruz. The Soquel Hole area was the same with a few fish caught in the morning. The Rock fishing was good near Natural Bridges in 70-90 feet of water.

April 4
The Salmon season opened today but the fishing was slow on this side of the bay. There were a few decent scores of 2 fish caught near the edge of the Soquel Hole in 220-260 feet of water. The few fish I heard of were around 36'51/122'00 and 36'51/121'59. The better bite was on the north side of Moss Landing at 36'49/121'51 and 36'48/121'53. The anglers worked from 260 to 500 feet of water near Moss Landing. The anglers had best luck trolling 40-120 feet down and there were some fish caught 180-200 feet down. The anglers did best trolling Purple Haze Kajikis, Krippled Anchovies, and Chartruse F.B.R.'s. The best bite was early in the morning and late when the wind blew. The wind started to blow around noon today.

April 2
The Rock fishing was decent today for the anglers who fished near South Rock and Natural Bridges in 50-75 feet of water. The wind did come up in the afternoon so get on the water in the morning. The water temperature has dropped at the Soquel Hole and the Salmon season should be good. We have nice tray Anchovies and Herring so stop by.

April 1
The Rock fishing was decent for the anglers who went out today near Natural Bridges and the Lighthouse. There were some good scores of Lingcod for the anglers who jigged up live Mackrel and fished Big Herring. The best reports came from the Lighthouse in 30-45 feet of water for the Lingcod. The wind was not as bad as expected today. The wind is going to stay down in the morning so come over and fish.

March 17
The Salmon season is going to open on April 4 and Rock fishing is open on April 1. It is a good time to get your reels spooled up, get your license, and prepare your gear! Stop by we will see you soon.

March 4
Fisheries Agencies Report Positive Outlook for 2015 Ocean Salmon Fishing Season! At the annual salmon informational meeting held in Santa Rosa, state and federal fishery scientists presented encouraging news for sport and commercial salmon anglers. Forecasts suggest there are 652,000 adult Sacramento River fall Chinook salmon in the ocean this year, along with 423,800 adults from the Klamath River fall run. Fish from these runs comprise the vast majority of salmon taken in California's ocean and inland fisheries .These forecasts, which were higher than last year, will be used over the next few months by fishery managers to set sport and commercial fishing season dates, commercial quotas, and size and bag limits."The forecasts are encouraging and suggest that California fisheries may see salmon seasons in 2015 that have increased opportunities over last year," said Melodie Palmer-Zwahlen, a senior environmental scientist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Chinook salmon harvested in ocean fisheries in 2015 hatched 2 to 4 years ago and, as a result, have not been highly impacted by California's drought. Starting next year, it is anticipated that future ocean salmon fishing opportunities may be impacted by the ongoing drought .Season dates and other regulations will be developed by the Pacific Fishery Management Council and California Fish and Game Commission over the next few months. For more information on the salmon season setting process or general ocean salmon fishing information, please visit the Ocean Salmon Project web page or call the Salmon Fishing Hotline at (707) 576-3429.

Feb. 24
The weather has been great here for the anglers fishing for Crabs and Sand dabs. The Crab fishing has been best straight out of the harbor in 150-200 feet of water. The anglers are finding the Sand dabs near Capitola in 110-155 feet of water. There have been some good scores of Bonita for anglers in 80-100 feet of water near the Capitola Wharf. The anglers are using small Squid Sabikis with a Assault Jig on the back to get the Bonita. Trolling slow below the surface has been the best way to catch the Bonita. Anglers caught some incidental Salmon trolling for the Bonita and dropping down for San dabs. The Perch fishing is on fire near the Cement Ship and Manresa. The Perch Tournament is almost filled up so stop by and sign up soon! We still don't have a opening day for Salmon because there are meetings in March. We hope to see Salmon open on April 4 and possibly a April Rock fish opener. I will keep you posted!

Feb. 4
The weather has been nice for Sand Dab and Crab fishing. The Crab fishing has picked up straight out of the Harbor. The Bonita are still being caught in 60-110 feet of water near Pleasure Point. The Surf Perch fishing has been great near Manresa and 26 Ave. Were waiting for the new regulation to come out and will update you when we hear of season openers.

Jan. 16
The weather is perfect for Sand Dabs and Crabs! The Surfperch are on the bite here at the Harbor Beach and 26 TH Ave. The winds are down and there is a small swell. Come fishing!

Jan. 11
The Crab fishing is starting to pick back up in 200 feet of water straight out of Santa Cruz. The Surf fishing has been good for Surf Perch and a few Striped Bas. The Sand Dabs are thick in 120-180 feet of water near Capitola.

Jan. 3
The weather is flat calm and the Crab and Dab fishing is the best bet. The Surf Perch are on the bite!
Jan. 2
The fishing for Sand Dabs and Crabs was good today near the Pajaro and 5 Mile Beach. The wind has settled down and things look god for the next few days. There is no swell so come fishing and run your boat. The Surf Perch are on the bite at Twin Lakes, 26 Ave, and Manresa!

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